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About Vesencia


Vesencia is a lifestyle art concept born from a passion for beauty and harmony. Vesencia originates from the Spanish words verdadera esencia, translating to true essence. We believe that art is an expression of the soul and that it has the capacity to nourish us through our senses, like holding a mirror to our true essence.


Our mission is to envelop you with harmonious surroundings that bring about your true self. We strive to achieve this by applying a holistic approach that integrates the image elements that truly represent you, through the art on your walls, your interiors and your personal image.   


We create unique artwork on canvas and print, tailored art and offer life styling services.

The ultimate luxury is to be yourself and allow your aura to materialize around you. 
It is then that you step into your power and live in your true essence.

Meet The Founder



Artist, Designer & Life Stylist

  • Paula Marinone on LinkedIn


Paula is a creative whose work consists of art, design and styling. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design and a Masters Degree in Creative Marketing. She wrote her theses on the psychological, biological and sociological influences of fashion and beauty, and on personal image branding. Having researched how image influences our decision making and how we act and feel in our day to day life, Paula was inspired to start her own business. Aspiring to help clients reconnect with their true essence through the visual elements in their life, she founded Vesencia in 2017. 

Paula has worked as a designer, image consultant, visual merchandiser and head of display within the fashion industry for prestigious companies such as La Rinascente in Milan and the Moncler Group in Paris. She has lived in Mexico, Canada, Italy, France and the US, and she speaks English, Spanish, Italian, and French. She currently lives in Kuala Lumpur with her husband and her two Pomeranian puppies, Fifi and Rocco.

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